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Join us and see for yourself why we fell in love with this Linden site.

We are farmers, stewards of this beautiful land. Each vintage we bottle is a reflection of a unique time and place, unadulterated and pure. Capstone recognizes we inherited this land from our ancestors, and at the same time we are borrowing it from our children. It is with this mindset we practice sustainable viticulture, putting back into the soil what we take. We farm to craft exceptional, thought provoking wines expressive of our vines, soils and the people who make the dream come to fruition.

A visit to this winery is a unique experience, as it provides a rare insight into the engine room of Capstone from a winemaking perspective.

Tasting Room

Tasting Room

Our intimate space creates a cozy feel complemented with stunning views from our elevated site and bursting flavors from our exceptional wines.

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Winery Events

Vineyard Tour - Grapes

Upcoming public events and private club member events are always a great way to connect with our winery.

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Capstone Wines

Tasting Room - Events

Explore Capstone's wines and dive deeper into the wine growing process with each bottle of wine.

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