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Capstone's Winemaker

Theo Smith started working in the grape growing industry in 2006 while completing a biochemistry degree from Franciscan University in OH. Realizing the importance of having a sound understanding of all the processes in growing grapes and making wine he went back to school at Brock University and completed a degree in Viticulture and Oenology. Theo has worked harvests in France, Canada and the US, finally settling in VA in 2011. Theo, his wife and two friends purchased Capstone Vineyards in December of 2022. He is looking forward to perfecting his craft on this incredible mountainside vineyard. This is Theo’s Capstone - his crowning achievement!

Capstone's New Partners 

Just after Thanksgiving, in 2022, Capstone Vineyards was sold to three local families with a history of farming and winemaking in Virginia.  Theo Smith, Douglas McCarthy and Matthew Akers will be carrying on the tradition of excellence that began ten years ago in Linden, VA when Capstone's vines were first planted by Andrea Baer and Dave Adams.

Douglas McCarthy and Matthew Akers, local attorneys by profession, are wine enthusiasts and family farmers at their core.  Experienced and knowledgeable wine consumers and agriculturists, they team-up perfectly with Theo to write the next chapter in winemaking at Capstone Vineyards.


Our Families

The Smith Family 
The McCarthy Family
The Akers Family